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Tara Gum

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Formel Tara Gum
Tab TG-E

*1,0 % aq. sol., 25°C, Brookfield RVT DII, spindle RV3, 12rpm

What is Tara Gum?

  • Origin: Tara shrub Caesalpinia tinctoria and related Caesalpinia species.
  • Production: Separation and pulverization of the endosperms of the seed (Caesalpinia tinctoria).
  • Basic elements: D-Mannose (70-80 %), D-Galactose (20-30 %).
  • Galactose/Mannose-Ratio: average 1:3.
  • Glycosidic bond, β-1,4 (main chain), α-1,6 (short Galactose side chain), transition, from linear to low branch.

Main properties

  • Tara Gum is a non ionic polysaccharid.
  • Tara Gum solutions show pseudoplasticity.
  • The viscosity increases exponentially by concentration.
  • Tara Gum shows good solubility at room temperature, the solving velocity increases with higher temperature.